BES News week 18 2017

Dear singers,

first of all Welcome Arthur. He made and survived his audition last night. Not that we had doubts ???? It is great to have you with us in the Tenor department!

Rehearsal review

We did most of the Requiem last night – including a very very touching “Pie Jesu” by our soloist Ching. Goosebumps…. Thank you Ching for that experience. What would it cost us to make you and CJ stay????

Some minor notes on what we did last night:

Movement I:

Between (7) and (8) – remember to come in as gentle as possible at the “Requiem aeternam”

Movement III:

from (29) on, put an accent on every note! This is “fffff”. Go for it ????

Movement VII:

Just before (76), after the Sopranos had their “quia pius es” – let’s all have a good break there before the next “quia pius es”.

We will all sing the end from (80) on.

Since we struggled with translations again I attached an English text for the requiem.


We will do the entire Requiem next week. Please make sure you come prepared. In the unlikely event of time left we will also look at  “For lo”.

Membership fees

Thanks to all who handed in the Direct Debit Mandate (DDM / Lastschriftmandat). That helps a lot. There were some questions about membership fees for April and May. So here is what I am going to do.

  1. Everybody who did not transfer the full amount from January incl. April will get a notice from me.

  2. If I received a DDM from you, I will issue the correct balance in May so that your internal account is balanced.

  3. If you prefer to do the money transfer yourself, please make sure that you pay the full balance due.

From June on you can then setup a standing order if you don’t like to provide a DDM. I hope that answers the questions.

Bonn Players

The Bonn Players are our art partners and they are ready do perform their spring programme. The “Accidental Death of an Anarchist” sounds funny, doesn’t it. We have seen them several times and really enjoy and appreciate the hard work they do to entertain people. Don’t miss it.

Need more details:

That’s it for this week. Jenny and I can’t be there next week since we will probably be stuck in some forest somewhere along the Eifelsteig. But I will see you the week after.

Keep singing!!