BES News for week 6 2017

Dear singers all,

Here’s your weekly round-up with news and notes from last night’s rehearsal.
We have SIX new members as of yesterday: Malina, Bastian, Jenny, Tamara, Rafaela and Carla. Welcome to you all!
Concert organisation: Volunteer needed
As discussed at last week’s membership meeting, we’re looking for a volunteer to coordinate concert planning and organisation. Of course you don’t have to do everything yourself; there’ll be a team to help you, and a checklist so you know what needs doing when. If you feel you can help with this important activity, please contact the Board members:
Rehearsal notes
Last night we began with the Kyrie of Duruflé’s Requiem, up to no. 13 on page 6.
  • Keep it smooth and flowing
  • Pronunciation: “Key-ri-e” (not “Kü-ri-e”)
  • Here’s a YouTube link to a recording where you can read along with the score at the same time:
  • Next week we’ll be concentrating on the Introit and Kyrie.
Next: For lo, I raise up.
  • Bar 111: Men, here’s your chance to be big and operatic. Enjoy!
  • Bar 121-123: Altos sing Soprano 2.
  • Bar 122: Tenors and basses, “Lord” is only 1 beat. Keep it short.
  • Bar 127 on: Tenors and basses, put big accents on every note: “Filled as the waters cover the sea”.
  • Bar 135: All tenors sing Tenor 1.
  • Bar 136: Altos, go up an octave and sing the same note as the sopranos.
We rounded off with bubbly and yummy snacks courtesy of Nora, who celebrated a special birthday on Saturday. Congratulations and thank you, Nora!
Have a good week and keep singing,

Jenny Knudsen

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