BES News for week 13 2017

Dear singers all,

Although we were a bit lower on numbers last night than usual, it was a great rehearsal. And we were joined by tenor Arthur, who’s originally from Freiburg but spent several years in the Netherlands before recently moving to Bonn. Erik happily welcomed him in Dutch (the rest of us in English).
We worked on movements 6, 8 and 9 of the Requiem. Unfortunately I didn’t make any notes to share with you, but that’s mainly because I was too occupied by the sheer gorgeousness of the harmonies. Just listen to Figure 68 of the Agnus Dei. Enough said.

Have you Doodled yet? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a reminder of our dates for 2017:

Thurs 13 April: No rehearsal
Sun 21 May, 1pm-6pm, Hersel: important rehearsal day for our cummer concert, please doodle here:
Sun 11 June: Concert, St. Josef Beuel, approx. 6pm plus rehearsal in advance
Sun 18 June Concert (venue tbd), approx. 6pm plus rehearsal in advance
Sat 24 June: Festive service of the Anglican Chaplaincy in the Schlosskirche, 3pm. We’ll sing some pieces of our summer programme
Sat, 16 Sep, 10am – 4pm: Rehearsal day in Hersel, please doodle here:
Thur 5 OR Sun 8 Oct: Evensong (venue tbd)
Sun 10 Dec: 1st BES Christmas concert (venue tbd)
Sat 16 Dec: NLAC Landau
Sun 17 Dec: NLAC Köln, 6pm
Mon 18 Dec NLAC Bonn, 7.30pm
Have a good week and keep singing,