BES news for week 11 2017

Dear singers all,

Here’s a quick round-up of this evening’s rehearsal for those who couldn’t make it (or a refresher for those who could).
First we worked through all of Greater Love Hath No Man. A few things to remember:
  • Bars 11 and 19: Sing “drow-nit”, fading away on the “nit”. Put the “t” exactly on beat 3.
  • Bars 24-7: Sing “Love is strong as death” as one phrase, no breath. “Death” is heavy.
  • Bars 28-31: Ditto.
  • Bars 33-38: “Many waters cannot quench love” is also one long phrase.
  • Bar 52: Tenors and basses, take a breath before “for”.
  • Bar 77: Breathe after “sins”.
  • Bars 106 and 108: Don’t separate “out” and “of”. Run them together.
As Reiner wrote yesterday, the music and practice files are now available on the website for everyone who has set up their profile.
Next, movement VII of the Requiem, Lux aeterna.
  • The whole movement has a steady pulse, even though the time signature keeps changing. As Duruflé helpfully says at the beginning, in lovely French, a crochet is always a crochet.
  • Until the end of 77, only the sopranos get words to sing. The rest of us “weave a carpet of beautifulness” underneath. Yes, indeed.
  • At 78, all ladies sing the soprano part. All men sing the tenor part.
  • At 80 (you guessed it), all ladies sing the alto part. All men sing the bass part.
Next week we’ll be going back to movement III, Domine Jesu Christe.
That’s it for today. Sleep well and see you next week,